Questions Many People Have About Repairing Auto Window Glass

You never want to put off having the windscreen fixed on your vehicle, as even a tiny chip or crack can impair your vision and put you at risk of an accident. That glass also needs to be strong enough to hold up the weight of the vehicle's roof in case of a rollover accident. In most areas, it's illegal to drive with a cracked windscreen, so you could get an expensive ticket, and your insurance carrier may not pay for collision damages to your car if you drive with broken glass.

Two reasons to have a chipped windshield repaired

Windshields often develop chips; this type of minor damage can occur if loose gravel from the road hits the glass, or if a bird flies into the windshield. Whilst a small chip might seem fairly harmless, it is important to have it repaired promptly. Read on to find out why. To prevent visibility problems when you're driving If you've ever had to drive in heavy rain with broken windshield wipers, you will understand just how dangerous and frightening it can be to have to operate a vehicle when you can't see the road in front of you through your windshield.