Questions Many People Have About Repairing Auto Window Glass

You never want to put off having the windscreen fixed on your vehicle, as even a tiny chip or crack can impair your vision and put you at risk of an accident. That glass also needs to be strong enough to hold up the weight of the vehicle's roof in case of a rollover accident. In most areas, it's illegal to drive with a cracked windscreen, so you could get an expensive ticket, and your insurance carrier may not pay for collision damages to your car if you drive with broken glass. If you need to get your vehicle's windscreen repaired, note a few questions you might have about this work and why it's good to ensure it gets done properly.

Why can't an old windscreen be used for replacement?

If your vehicle's windscreen needs replacing, don't assume that you can use an old windscreen that you get from a scrap yard, even if it's from the same make and model of your vehicle. There may be new laws in place that affect the type of glass that can be used as a replacement windscreen, so that you might get a citation for using something that is not compliant. Your insurance carrier also may not pay for future collision damages if you don't use a legally compliant windscreen, as mentioned.

Why are the windscreen thicknesses different?

If you buy a new windscreen for your car, you may note that it's actually a different thickness than the old one. This might also be because of updated laws that affect the windscreen, or simply because of the glass manufacturing process. Thinner glass may be toughened so that it's very strong, or thicker glass may have more glazing or panes. Your windscreen installer can note why your new glass is a different thickness than your old glass, but don't assume this is because the new glass is unsafe, or because your installer sold you thick glass that you didn't need only so you could be overcharged.

Can windscreen scratches be removed?

Whether or not a scratch can be removed on a vehicle's windscreen will depend on the extent of the scratch, and the type of glass that is used for the windscreen. In some cases, buffing a large scratch might make the glass cloudy, affecting visibility so this isn't always an option. Only an auto glass repair person can know for sure, but don't assume the scratch can simply be rubbed out, like a scratch on wood or other such surface.